ESAX Technologies


Rules of participation in Bounty campaign

         The campaign is aimed at increasing the number of active community members in Telegram messenger. To participate it is sufficient to enter the official ESAX group [ENG] and ESAX Community Channel [ENG]   for receiving the latest news and announcements of the project.  Any participation is welcome, just do not forget the rules, that we have listed below:



  • Using fake accounts, bots and multi-accounts is strictly prohibited.


  • The user is required to be in the official chat until the end of the campaign since registration. Leaving the group before the end of the campaign means disqualification, which entails no accrual of stakes.


  • The participant must be active. Inactive users will be removed from the chat.


  • Spam, “flood”, unjustified aggression are prohibited. Only adequate communication is welcome.


  • Verification of user activity and accrual of stakes take place 15 August 2019