ESAX Technologies


Rules of participation in Bounty campaign

         Participate in the campaign for popularization of ESAX Tech. and dissemination of official posts in the social network Linkedin. The campaign of the social network Linkedin is aimed at attracting active users in order to boost ESAX community in this environment. Any participation is welcome, just do not forget the rules, that we have listed below:

  •  A personal Linkedin profile must have more than 250 connections. The number of connections must be opened.

  • A personal Linkedin account must be active.

  • Fake accounts, bots and multi-accounts are strictly prohibited.

  • You can share only those posts that are on the official page

  • If you want to share a post you have to click the “Share” button in the official ESAX Tech. page and write your comments to a post.


  • To share ESAX post, please, use at least 100 characters and a hashtag “#ESAX  #ESAXToken” in the short description.

  • Verification of user activity and accrual of stakes take place 15 August 2019